ACTION REQUIRED - Trackforce Migrating to Amazon Web Services (AWS) EU

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Dear valued client,

In an effort to provide our clients with the most secure and reliable hosting experience, Trackforce will be moving all its applications and services to Amazon Web Services France (AWS) starting in the fall of 2020. We expect the full completion by January 2021.

Please rest assured that all your data will still be hosted in France AWS zone eu- west-3 in Paris, France and replicated backups in AWS eu-central-1 in Frankfurt, Germany.

What are the benefits of using AWS?

  • Access to a high-performance data storage solution, eliminating latency
  • Better data protection with state-of-the-art encryption
  • Reduced recovery time in case of a
  • Ability to scale our services to meet the needs of our growing client
  • Faster support response time in case of an
  • Reduced burden on the IT maintenance

Please read the following information carefully and contact your IT department to make the necessary changes outlined below:

What are the IT requirements for Trackforce clients?

  • Please have your IT department review the updated technical requirements and make any necessary changes by October 9, 2020.
  • IMPORTANT: Please note the additional IP addresses added to our IP address list and the updated port listing.
  • Without intervention by your IT department, you may experience service disruption until the necessary changes have been 

Will Trackforce clients experience any system downtime during the migration process?

  • Yes, a downtime of 15 to 30 min is expected during the final process of the migration.
  • Our client success representatives will work with you to make sure you have ample time to prepare any appropriate backup business processes for this short window.

Does AWS meet GDPR and other data privacy requirements?

IMPORTANT: Please rest assured that it’s our highest priority to ensure this transition doesn’t impact your operations. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us at:

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